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Background info on your character: [ o: seeing as there are characters from different parts of their timeline, I'd like to take Toboe from before he matured into an adult wolf. Right when they fled the city. ]

Toboe is a wolf. That's right, a wolf, the same animal that was thought to be long extinct. He was taken care of by a kind old woman, and she tamed him so he ended up being rather timid and he grew to love humans. He enjoys their company and yes, he enjoys being a pet.You get warmth and food that way, no need to get into any trouble it's easier this way. But the woman taking care of him was very old, an old lady- she didn't have much life left in her and she died.

Alone in a city, barely getting any food- afraid of everything, Toboe was lost. But one incident changed his life, changed it for the better. While trying to scare the birds at a nearby trashcan (and only getting scared away by said birds and a cat) Toboe ran into a cute girl who gave him sausages. He felt the warmth and kindness that reminded him of his old lady so he soon followed her, wanting to be near her (possibly becoming her friend and pet.)

Using the illusion that the few wolves can do, making him look like a human, he met her again and learned her name. Toboe would watch her at her house and noticed she had a bird, watching as the bird flew off he chased it- hoping when he gave it back to her she'd be pleased.

But he forgot the he was a wolf. He accidently killed the bird and in his grief for her and her schocked and hurt expression, he started to howl out in agony; he was back in his wolf form, infront of her and howling. It would've been his end if it weren't for Tsume, another wolf (older and more experienced).

After Tsume saved him Toboe started growing attached to the older wolf. But Tsume is what one would call a 'Lone Wolf' so Toboe was forced to leave and that's when he ran into the girl again. He thought she had time to calm down and hoped she would be happy to see him, but instead she screamed for her father or anyone to come and get said wolf, and a man (who is hunting the wolves)found him and nearly killed him.

Another turning point in Toboe's life, that's when he met Kiba and Hige (two other wolves) and they led him to safety. Once Toboe was alone with them they told him about Paradise. Hige was following Kiba to Paradise and Toboe instantly wanted to go too. But not without Tsume.

It was difficult trying to persuade Tsume, and Toboe was convinced that he wasn't going to come. But now they were being hunted and even Tsume had nowhere else to go. Toboe's delight when Tsume fled the city with them could not be measured, even if the other two didn't trust Tsume, Toboe did. Toboe liked Tsume.

But now he finds himself in this new land, it's filled with new scents and people! So many humans! Toboe feels a little excited because of all the humans, it's not silly to think that one of them may want to keep him as a pet, is it? But Toboe can't stay happy for long, he misses Tsume. He also misses Hige and Kiba, but mostly Tsume.

Toboe is a howler, whenever he is overcome with emotion he howls. He's naive, sometimes reckless and timid. Being a pet for so long has left him more like a puppy, not a young wolf. He has his instincts but they aren't as sharp as they should be. And at this point he's rather dependent on the older wolves.

He'll probably be seen howling in the street, howling for someone- anyone. Toboe hates being alone and just wantes to be comfortable again.
cheza, hige, kiba, luna flowers, paradise, tsume